Ryanair problem resolution list

There have been lots of reports asking about problems when registering and linking an ESNcard.org profile with a Ryanair Erasmus profile. In some other cases, the issues come from not being able to successfully register an user account in either sites, because some form field is not accepted or is missing. Please follow these guidelines when facing any issues with the Ryanair registration process:

General Recommendations

  1. Always remember to save all changes to your ESNcard.org profile by clicking “Save” on your profile page.
  2. Always remember to write the exact same information in both ESNcard.org and Ryanair websites.
  3. The recommended procedure to update any information in both websites is as follows:
    1. First, update your information in the ESNcard.org website. Save the changes.
    2. Then, remove the corresponding fields from your profile in the Ryanair website. Yes, it seems counter-intuitive, but it ensures that Ryanair is forced to process again the new info. Save the changes after removing.
    3. Finally, re-enter the information in your profile in the Ryanair website. Save the changes.

ERROR: Your ESNcard is already in use / ESNcard number already exists

  • Delete the ESNcard from ESNcard.org, and try to register it again. If this doesn’t work, try in this way:
  • Delete the ESNcard from ESNcard.org, wait for some minutes, and try to register again.

This should eventually work. If it doesn’t, try again after a couple hours!

ERROR: The username has not been activated or it is blocked

  • Wait for some minutes and try logging-in again. If it still fails, try it again at a later time.

ERROR: The details you have submitted were rejected by ESN [...]

Follow this checklist:

  • You have logged-in correctly into both ESNcard.org and Ryanair websites.
  • Name and surname are exactly the same in both webs. Pay attention to capital letters, accents, etc. Any slight difference will produce a mismatch and fail.
  • The “Home University” must be the your home town’s University, and the “Host University” is the Erasmus destination University in Spain.
  • If your Home University does not appear in the list, you can select any other University from your country of origin. Just remember to always select the exact same University in both ESNcard.org and Ryanair websites!
  • If this error message still appears, you can change your Home University to another bigger / more known University from your country (for example, the national capital’s University is a good candidate for this change). Just remember to always select the exact same University in both ESNcard.org and Ryanair websites!
  • In the “Current Address” field you have to enter your address in Spain.
  • You have correctly registered your ESNcard number in your ESNcard.org profile, by first clicking submit and then clicking save in your profile page.
  • You have correctly filled the “ESN Section” field in your ESNcard.org profile.
  • If you have checked all fields and the error still happens, try doing the registration in another browser. If you used Chrome, try Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Other errors

If the error you are seeing is none of these mentioned here, then please write an email to [email protected] and include all information that you can about the issue you are facing. Please avoid writing an email if your issue is one listed here, these are known problems and your report will get discarded.